Go Genre Everything Dinosaur Show

Go Genre Everything in association with theDinosaur Show Production Team, ON, Deep Country and the Vic Hotel Brunswick bring you

The Dinosaur Show 2004


On Saturday the 28th August 2004 Go Genre Everything, Deep Country and ON in a multi media extravaganza of movment, sound, light, colour and form. Live performance from three musical acts (Go Genre Everything, Deep Country, ON ) with intergrated video projection and, as well as this, for the third act (Go Genre Everything) as well as video projection, which incorporates real-time live-action video, fed back and projected as it is filmed, there will be six (count 'em) costumed real Live Dinosaurs performing movement pieces including contcat juggling and rod puppetry.

The reason for this is that Go Genre Everything are celebrated the launch of their first album entitled Natural Disaster on the new label Munchiegohilarious.

This is what Dieter von Broumler the manager and agent for Go Genre Everything has to say about the Dinosaur Show.
"The Dinosaur Show Production Team has put together an exquisite cavalcade of exceptional spectacularity. There is motion and colour, the sound is enormous and jagged and thankfully it contains next to no meaning, symbolism or metaphor whatsoever. It is pure 21st century distraction at its best. A marvel to behold and a must to attend. Go see it on the Saturday of the 28th August at the Vic Hotel Brunswick".

 It DID happen and was documented.

Here are some representative still images.

this way

gge on deep country



stax on

pure dinosaur

jetS Anderson

the dinosaurs

Here is some more information about the Recording of the Album Natural Disaster