Welcome to the GO GENRE EVERYTHING page which is in fact concerned with music, and with sound in general.

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Music is an astounding thing. Every single culture which has ever been encountered and remembered by any other culture, has had some form of music and musical expression.

In actual fact musical expression is the norm not the exception when human culture is concerned.

Why is it that music is so important to human culture, that we take it for granted that music should be a part of our lives and everyday experiences?

Why also is is that music is so moving an potent a source of transmission of human experience and emotional condition?

The information here is only opinion at this stage, it is nothing more than the musings of an interested person.

Even so, it seems reasonable to propose a few simple ideas.

It is suggested then, that one of the most powerful components of the human system, is the ability to perceive patterns.

It is not just an unbiased perception however. Pattern is an extremely attractive and beautiful thing, as all art globally will attest; There is a great deal of pleasure gained from participating in an expression of humanity, as shown by the unique manner in which humans choose the patterns which they decide to focus apon, when compared to other animals, including primates and great apes in general.

Of course it is not just human patterns which People find to be attractive, for it is one of the more interesting features of the human mind that it will find patterns where none exist, so to it will seek out rythyms where there is no sound, for example the ebb and flow of the tides, the changes in the seasons and the complex interrelations between various living things.

All of these patterns and rythyms are fascinating and beautiful.

All things can be represented by any other thing.

This statement is a postulate which relies on the capacity for metaphor in language, the notion that it is possible to represent somtthing by describing it as a totaly different other something.

One such metaphor is the art and science of music.

Music is simple to make, and possible to master, even if one has limited resources, due to the fantastic generative  capacities of the human voice, the sound to which the human hearing is most powerfully attuned, in its physical reception capacity, also to the avalibility of percussive devices such as rocks, sticks and the human hand for example..

For all of these reasons it seems that the idea of music, should be an intergrated and fundamental element of human life.

Of course it is true to say that music is fundamental to human life, however it takes many different forms, and there are many different attitudes to it in human societies.

Even so the basic nature of music as universal to humanity is a generalisable statement, and that the effects of music, are also generalisable, being similar to language, but holding a stronger bias towards emotional expression.

Of course there is no real reason why one should even draw a distinction between language and music. The boundary between the two extreme ends of the non vocal non human music, and the least lyrical most data oriented continuous multiperson multilogue, holds an expressively infinite distance within, and also around.