Toothy Beasty

MP3s page
This page is dedicated to the MP3 downloads for youso you can get a taste for the delicious music and you will want to subscribe and get more.
Some of the MP3 files here are from the album Eternal Youth Carefree Cleanness
Others are from the incessent ongoing project work of the doughty gge creative personnel
Deep Brain
Fake is Fake
Plastic Friends
This is a few videos of music if you click on them. sounds great. click clki cvlciclvik
Plastic Friends animated by Al machin
Yenisei Punx animated by interwebmegalink
Go Genre Everything play the Melvins
Excerpt from 2009 CDR-EP launch Disciple of waste
3 songs at a pub somewhere
Evil Fridays animated by GGE
Ammit devourer of souls gardens