Poster Image for EYCC Launch Happening Flyer late 2009Eternal Youth Carefree Cleanness Launch Happening

Here is everything you will need to know about the EYCC Launch  Happening.
Where it was, What it means, How people got tickets, What to have been wearing, What was expected, and special tips which made your Eternal Youth Carefree Cleanness Launch Happening into a memorable and infinitely excellent experience.
What Does the EYCC Launch Happening Mean?
In the year 2006-2007 Go Genre Everything recorded a studio HI-FI album with audio mastermind and one time keyboardist from 'the Shower Scene From Psycho' Simon Grounds. The Goal; To create a fully art powered intensely dense acousticly performed electronic recording which could infiltrate the percieved normative space of the corporate recording market driven mechanical psychosphere with something subterranean below the radio frequencies.  The recording is a collection of musical songs and tunes which Go Genre Everything are able to perform live. The EYCC Launch Happening is the announcement event, heralding the public production and release of this recording on a high quality standard phillips audio compact disk.

Exerpts From the EYCC Self Analysis...

Recording media. EYCC was recorded on analog tape ad transferred to digital. It was mixed and mastered in the digital, and the analogue with analog ignals exported from the digital and affected, then re-sampled back into the digital realm.

Simon Grounds(our working history, short bio)

EYCC was intended to be recorded in one session and then mixed in another Session with a delay of at least six months in order to get a full sense of distance an objectivity. Theis was not to be the case, and EYCC was mixed and mastered within weeks of recording.

Spanish magic

Humans and Luxury is the 7"single produced by Spanish Magic. Initially Humans and Luxury was to be EYCC on Vinyl. Unfortunately it was impossible for Spanish Magic to be able to do this and compromise was made in the form of a 7" single. Humans and Luxury contains 2 tracks from EYCC being 'Humans Like Collecting Things That Match' and 'Luxury Something Something ' it also contains the previously unreleased 'Glowing Light' and a track from the 'Megalomana Concept Album' which is entitled 'I am the Best(and no one is better than me ahahahahah). Glowing light was recorded with Moz and Casper at their then time recording studio.
 HaL is made from three discrete recording sessions. One for 'Humans Like Collecting Things That Match' & 'Luxury Something Something' was the EYCC recording session with Simon Grounds. Next the recording session with Moz and Casper for the track 'Glowing Light'. Finally 'I am the best' was recorded at MGH studios using a digital cut up method.

Moz and Casper
Aardvark Mastering
Dual Plover
EYCC album on licensd
Available for digital download or Full SuperDeluxe Hard Copy Compact Disk Package. Licensd will archive a digital version in reasonably perpetuity, inexchange for money. YOu amy then have a relaxing life knowing that your music will be available forever, or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

Cover design.

Conception june2009. Colaboration (Monday night)
12 dollar project society
the people who came together to create the props and costumes gathered at MGH studios on Monday evening. After work folks would precipitate around an evening of strange vieos and music playing on the recorded media machines, whilst paper laminate giant body puppets slowly coalesced. Finally a name for this meeting group was decided apon. This was based on the notion that 12dollars is a reasonably pointless amount of money to spend on a creative project, which in adequate numbers could be enough resource to surmount most reasonable creative financial obstacles, providing a great deal of realistic compromise involved.

Seeking a space.
Loophole were the first people to work with GGE in creating a colaborative happening event,  our eternal thanks and support.

The Processors wore white, everybody else had strange outfits on and punters were given masks which turned into headbands in quite a few cases.
Montage of outfits
Here is a montage of outfits

EYCCLH was finally planned for the early February 13th 2010. At this time of year in melbourne, the weather is usually fairly warm. This raised quite a few concerns for the bodypuppets regarding overheating. Ironically a secondary concern was the chance of rain. Melbourne is essentially unpredictable in a long range plan by thosewho are unable to control the weather, as to regards to the likelyhood of precipitation. As it turned out in the days leading up to Feb 13th 2010, the bureau of meteorology indicated to GGE that there was a chance for strong wind and rain. All these factors contributed to a dual plan of heat response and rain response, with water spray bottles provided for the creature wranglers, and an intricate tarpaulin array devised to prevent cataclysmic downpour washout. On the day, it was only the water spray bottels which were essential, though the tarpaulin array added to the overall claustrophobia inducing overarchingness of the cardboard psychopompic processing labyrinth area.

Excerpts from the Contract signed by the IMDWAP and PPePP, GGE and Random Punters in the final moments of the EYCCLH. It is considered a prop and Remnants of it are still held in storage in the GGE archive.

Here are some members of the Insane Multidimensional Alchemists Political Workshop who are wearing Costumes which are also called Props, as well as being called 'Body Puppets' Notice the Weapon featured in the image. it is a so called 'Toy' Easily available to and Designed for Children.


It includes a realistic clattering sound, and on offset cam for simulating kickback.

It also is provided with a handy-dandy laser pointer for accurate target practice, and a toy safety catch set permenantly to KILL.

GGE  labs modified this 'Toy' by adding an audio output jack to the handle, attached to the speaker,
jack on speaker
then paintied the whole thing bright Gold.

Recording the performance (plans)
Card board

Detailed EYCC Event Hand-Booklet
Papier mache

Concept and synopsis

Testing the unimaginable

The EYCCLH was a very carefully designed process. It was tested on numerous levels including a full 3D model mockup where various reactions to events were examined for problems.


Above we can see a Layout comprising the entire area as modled with Childrens-Blocks and Plastic-Animals. The Plastic animals representing the various actors in subsequent scenarios.


Here we can see a Squirel having a bit of difficulty at one of the stations because she has misplaced her booklet and is arguing with the processing person. Poor Squirrel


The chicken is doing the sound or video and the panda is DeathPanda handing out infinity cake

psychopompic processing event, (PPE)
what and why?

the importance of an introduction is something which is not to be under estimated. in the introduction to the EYCCLH, the punter was variously questioned, ordered, separated from friends, gassed, politely qusetioned again, given innaccurate instructions and then left to wander around a cardboard maze filled with people undergoing the same conditions.
if a persons goal was to come and listen to a bit of music, then fine, the music was being transmitted to a cathode ray colour television set, within the confines of the restricted area.

but if a person really wanted to engage with the "light entertainment" then they would have to brave the entire psychpompic processing event.
this is the essence of an initiation ceremony. initiation ceremonies are a part of human ritual. an initiation ceremony brings meaning to a human ritual event and displaces the sense of belonging of the person undergoing the initiation, so that after initiated, the sense of belonging is attached to the performers of the initiation ritual.
during the initiation ritual, a truth is usually unveiled. this truth can be the explaination that something previously thought of as supernatural is in fact synthetic. another truth is exemplified by the people who dance wearing ants inside their gloves. they do this untill they are exhausted. then, perhaps with some little time to recover they do it again. something like fourteen times they dance around with ants in their gloves. they have to select their own ants, and collect them, and the ants are highly venomous. alledgedly when asked why it was that this initiation ceremony was performed, and elder explained that adult life was pain and that dancing around with ants in your gloves was a good way to get used to it. after doing that, pain is fairly easy to deal with for some.
it is in this really annoying way ( though nowhere near as tough) that the psychopompic processing event translated te punter from a difficult space into the performance space, thus giving meaning to some time spent otherwise devoted to fillibustering and showpony social displays. suddenly people had something to do. just get me the hell through this thing. im sure that it is all worth it. well worth it or not people involved themselves with the PPE.
the PPE was a place where getting through became the theme. this is the most important part of any social interaction. the most important questions of social activity hinge around whether or not there is going to be any. if you cannot get into the party then there is no party to get into.
i would like to see the act but i neeed a ticket, need to be dressed correctly, be carrying the correct objects and surrender any personal possessions which are suddenly not allowed within the confines of the performance area, even though they are perfectly legal outside it. for example, until the ubiquity of recording devices, people cought bringing such things into a led zepplin concert would be at the mercy of led zepplins terrifying manager and his alledged baseball bat.
these days it is more about alchohol. even so, the seeming arbritrarieness of the executors of such initiations leaves one wondering about the nature of such things.
for example, if a staff member at a concert decides that an individual is behaving in an intoxicated fashion, then tht person can be disallowed entry, so make sure that you dance properly in the correct place and dont do anything which your betters would dissapprove, otherwise, regardless of the cost of entry to your personal estate, there is absolutely no refund.

this is echoed in the way that air travel has taken on the solemnity of a prison during the embarkation and disembarkation phases. we are stripped naked by ray guns, sometimes asked to strip naked for real, we are zapped and frisked. all for our own saftey mind you. we are alone and identified. usually in front of a raised desk operated by a bored but intense officer.
it is all because the journy is so high energy and fast that there is no way to interrupt it once it has begun, and so all the security measures must occur at once. these security measures suddenly take a sick and absurd turn when we are now dissallowed to bring more that 100 ml of fluid on an aircraft, because it might make something high tech and evil. the problem with this way of thinking is that we actually live in the future, and more and more noxious and abhorrent materials and devices will be made, so that eventually we will have to have our whole body shaved and our insides flushed before entering the departure area, or else get it done at great expense. perhaps we could just be sedated on departure and packed into pods. then we could be constantly monitored. so the PPE reflects this obsession that is growing in the world with security. it is a parody, because nbody got hurt and everybody got through. it was guaranteed. the way that it operated was that the more a person got involved in the event the faster their progression through the hierarchy of clearance, and thus the quicker they gained access to all areas, and the more presents they recieved.
this was guaranteed to occur for everybody who stuck it out, as
perserverence is seen to be a great thing, and a major component of
participation and involvement.

thus the PPE reflected this in imagination and design, though the reality was far short of possibility. the PPE was designed as a carnival of the bizzare and suggestive, with plenty of dark corners filled with coloured light and smoke and bubbles. strange sounds constantly played forth from various hidden speakers. PPE personel moved about following their abstract Bureaucracy. plans were to have numerous unrelated performance art events being staged contiuously within the PPE itself. unfortunately due to real world constraints, none of these performnce art events occurred. this left the carnival of the bizzare and suggestive in a dark cardboard shantytown filled with bureaucrats intent on interrorgating people as to why they were not properly dressed because they wer not wearing their mask, which they were not told at any stage that they had to prepare earlier. people became lost and disenfranchised. it became a waiting room between this world and the next. it became a transition between this real world and the fantasy of the eternal youth carefree cleanness. it went from carnival to refugee camp.
at least nobody got hurt.

Concessions and compromises (think big then do whatever you can)
From carnival to refugee camp (party to prison)
Inclusion exclusion and bribery (designing the process)
 Desire and Consummation (ends versus means)
Analysis and review of actual event
 Event bump in bump out
Community spirit
Performances Processing (what happened and how did we feel?)Being Proccessed
On the right we see A skilled and Efficient Friendly Proccesser Diligently answering all questions and needs of a person involved in the Psychopompic Performance Event  who has somehow received a mask which she is now wearing.

Here you see  Psychopomic Performance Processing Personel Personel Processing a person by stamping their personal Detailed Pre-event EYCC Launch Happening Hand-Booklet.

Reactions and responses

Review (prescot-steed)

“Do you want to have ‘eternal youth and carefree cleanness?” the fella at the entrance to the backyard of... (Loophole) ...asked each new arrival. For many who had come to experience the launch of “Eternal Youth Carefree Cleanness” by the anime, post rock, weird rock, or just plain weird band Go Genre Everything, this was just a taste of the obscurity to come. Each person also received a booklet containing myriad instructions and questionnaires to be completed. Several thematically dressed booklet auditors roamed the yard’s different sectors (A, B, C) checking on everyone’s progress, stamping random pages and jotting down teacher-like comments such as “messy and unruly…handle with caution” or “fairly genuine.” Sooner of later, most people would have to return to the start to get their tie-on fabric mask sporting one pattern or another. You had to ‘pass’ three stages before finally being allowed into the band room (no-doubt biding the band time during set-up). Once in, the grim reaper gave you some tasty ‘ankh’ cake or ‘infinity cake’ (containing no elicit substances, only infinite quantities of careful attention and blue food colouring). For the numerous scribbling booklet-bearers, this marked a satisfying end to the machinations of an imaginative but frustrating pseudo-bureaucracy.
While the elaborately costumed Go Genre Everything might at first look like a bunch of psilocybin fuelled performing arts students, this helped their live act achieve a kind of beautiful madness. A giant white unicorn, a horned demon, what appeared to be a cumbersome dragon, and a big round candy-faced character, sang, screeched, and played their way through a surrealist take on a mutant piņata party. The punk pop songs sounded loose enough to disintegrate at any moment. At one point, everything suddenly stopped and the mesmerised punters were instructed to introduce themselves to each other (an abrupt shift of focus from the spectacle to the spectator), followed closely behind by the band’s unaccompanied proclamations, “I am alive! I am alive! I am alive!” The psychedelic ritual aspect was strong. We were alive in this strange, strange place, witnessing these strange, strange creatures doing strange, strange things, like when they broke out into a boot-scooting interlude. And, inside the venue, it was hot, very hot. So much so that the band had a dedicated, gas-masked attendant who constantly sprayed water vapour into the costume cavities to prevent each weary wearer from passing out. The smoke machine was on overdrive, and we had to crane our heads around shifting clouds just to see what was happening next.
Are Go Genre Everything clinically insane? You never know. But what’s certain is that their live extravaganza was a definite eye-opener and proof that they are a band to be experienced as well as listened to. Framed by Grist’s various experimental soundscapes, performed before and after the show, this launch really was an unforgettable event.

Talismans turning up.
Loophole Time issues
Testing the Space
Loophole opened the same day of the EYCCLH. This meant that some people were present for one reason and some people were present for another, ostensibly. This meant that some perople who were present for the Loophole opening were given booklets and thier world transformed from a free wheeling space to a strange cardboard labyrinth involving too many instructions.

Light Entertainment
Enclosures first concert Crabsmasher toured from sydney specifically


Tech issues Sound system, Design, routing at last minute, Unicorn Crash Crossover failure Smoke obscuring projections Building the walls (wind tarp)

VIDEO Exists(promote)
The EYCCLH Video (EYCCLHV) exists and is available from Go Genre Everything and is available for Online viewing and Download for free from the internet archive through this link.
 Gathering and watching footage. Nathan and volunteering

Who did what
Availability (youtube links)
Where Is the EYCC Launch Happening?
The Eycc Launch Happening is at Loophole, on High street in Thornbury.  Just off from Normanby road. The Main Entrance and Processing Performance Event is located around the back.
The proposed time for the EYCC Launch Happening is from 7pm to 12pm (19:00 to 00:00) however the correct times will be printed in your detailed instruction manual, provided you arrange your ticket in advance. The exact date for the EYCC Launch Happening is Saturday the 13th of February 2010 UCE. All this information and more is printed in your instruction manual for your eternal convenience.
How do I get tickets?
There ae quite a few ways to aquire tickets, but due to the limited capacity of the location, YOU are advised to get your presale ticket as soon as possible by emailing gogenreeverything at the gogenreeverything contact page to reserve your place at the EYCC Launch Happening, Right Now! Otherwise there will be provision for ticket sales at the door. Remember that places are limited so reserve your place NOW! In regards to Subscribers to Go Genre Everything, GGE advise that you contact gge ASAP and reserve your place as well. Of course preference will be given at all times to subscribers, however the EYCC Launch Happening is unfortunately operating totally on a first come first served method, so to allow the most possible enjoyment and savvy sophistication you can get, remember to contact GGE and indicate that you are planning to attend!
Once you have organised your ticket, you will be sent your presale ticket instruction manual, which will contain everything you could possibly need to know about the EYCC Launch Happening to keep you safe, prepared and right on the money with the fingers on the pulse. This is the other excellent reason to get your place as soon as you can, so you can be ready when the time comes with all of the correct phrases and buzzwords, the styles and the body language which YOU can use to make your evening at the EYCC Launch Happening unmistakeably unique, forever.
What Do I Wear, and Is It Important?
It is a
very good idea to have a think about what you will be wearing to the EYCC Launch Happening, and the best way to do that is to imagine that the style which you choose today will be the style which you choose tomorrow, so do try to think of the future when you dress. It is also a very good idea to dress for the weather, remembering that the the location for the EYCC Launch Happening will get very very warm, even if the day is cold. If you are interested in cloakroom facilities, please email gogenreeverything at the gogenreeverything contact page and gge will keep you advised on that status of the cloakroom. Do think about dressing for adventure, but remember the sort of adventure which you are thinking about, in terms of eternal youth AND carefree cleanness. Further
details can be found in your detailed presale ticket instruction manual.

What To Expect?

The EYCC Launch Happening takes the notion of the concert to new zones. When you arrive, be sure to have your detailed pre-sale ticket instruction manual on hand at the door to be stamped. You will be presented with the human processing psycho-pompic entrance event as outlined in the detailed pre-sale ticket instruction manual. On completion of this ritual you will find yourself immersed in the happening space proper with light entertainment for the evening provided by the Welcome Fight, Crabsmasher, and of course Go Genre Everything. Cake will be provided along with your chance to get Eternal Youth Carefree Cleanness!

Special Tips

Most of the information you need for the night will be printed in your detailed pre-sale ticket instruction manual. Additionally though it would be wise to have as much fun as possible, and leave your experience open to the widest possible interpretation.