September 15th Old Bar - Fraudband, The Shabbab
September 2nd Bar Open - Go Sultana Cat Doom Everything @ Make it up Club with Constant Light w/ Peter James & Simon Strong, David Palliser
August 14th John Curtin - All Seeing Hand, Spermaids, Mesa Cosa
July 26th Tago Mago - New Estate, Bearded Iris
July 12th Catfish - School Damage, Cold Life, Gold Class, Thigh Master
June 21st Great Britain - Go Sultana Cat Doom Everything @ Musikunst with Brigid Burke, Carolyn Connors, Ciaran Geoghegan, Clinton Green, David Kimball, David Prescott-Steed, Freya Shack-Arnott, Kyli Goodall, Llara Goodall , Lloyd Honeybrook, Nat Grant, Phantom Graveller, Piers Morgan, Rod Gregory, Sean Baxter, Shane Fahey, Shane Van Den Akker, Stevie Richards, Vijay Thillaimuthu
June 6th The Tote - Whitney Houston's Crypt, Treehouse, King Tears Mortuary, The Kremlings
15th May Old Bar - Tangrams, Autoportraits
7th May Bar Open - Haark, Michael Ceratops
4th April Dane Certificate's Magic Shop -  Pioneers of Good Science, Little Desert, Brainbeau
30th March Irene Community Arts - Bitchratch, Penguins, DireEars, Shebeen Queen, Orlando Furious
21st March H.O.P Community Centre - Coral Ceto, Dorkus Malorkus, Philemon, Phoebe & Schina

13th December Pharmacy - Crab Smasher, Amateur Drunks, LHI (Newcastle)
12th December Whites Records (Newcastle)
30th November Chardons - Scrabbled, The Legend, Gravel Samwidge, Nanna Vigilante, Bent (Brisbane)
29th November Real Bad Music - Gerald Keaney and the Gerald Keaneys, Xwave (Brisbane)
28th November Trainspotters - Gravel Samwidge (Brisbane)
25th October The Bridge Hotel - God's Come (Castlemaine)
24th May Yah Yah's – Bodies, Astral Sunrise
6th April Reverence Hotel Anti Fascist Benefit – Extinctexist, Faspeedelay, Pope's Assassins
th March Public Bar – Gravel Samwidge, Encounter Group
rd March Bar Open – Beige Rainbow, Hamburger Lady, Umbilical Tentacle
th January The Tote Tassie Bushfire Benefit - Witch Hats, Wally Corker’s Drunk Arse Band, Tom Lyngcoln, The Fish John West Reject, The Bulls, Spinning Rooms, Monique Brumby, Miles Brown, Mike Noga, Midnight Caller, Matt Bailey, Lincoln Le Fevre, Ivy St, Hayley Couper, Go Go Sapien,  Gallant Trees, Blackchords,  Andy Hazel
th January The Tote Rough End Of The Stick Launch – Pop Singles, Dane Certificate, Ratsak, White Walls, Mad Nanna


13th October KIPL Domestic Dreams and Robots Launch – Earth Apple, Pop Singles, The Enclosures, AD Machine, Dane Certificate
8th September Dane Certificate's Magic Tricks Gags and Theatre – Autoprtraits, Cat Cat
th August Grand Poobah – Pop Singles, Naked (Hobart)
th May Gasometer – The Enclosures, Naked
nd March Gasometer Bananas Launch – Fatti Frances, Rites Wild, Johnny Telafone, The Great Outdoors


15th December Noise Bar – Church of Hysteria
rd December Artless Armchair – Polyfox, Origami Girls
2nd December Pharmacy – Cock Safari/Fairy Mountain, Dingbats
st December FBI Social King's Cross Hotel – Laurels, Circle Pit, Love of Diagrams (Sydney)
th November Gasometer – Penguins, Monolith, The Downgoing
12th November Paddock Bash – Paul Kidney Experience, Elizabeth Pistol Club, Astral Sunrise, Gravel Samwidge [Go Genre Everything's 250th show!]
31st October Town Hall Hotel – Tut Tut Kings (hallow e'en party after zombishuffle)
24th September Irene 10th Birthday - Art & Craft, Asps, Wally Corker’s Drunk Ass Band, Dane Certificate, The Death Rattles, Great Earthquake, Infinite Decimals, John Fox & the medicine bag, Little Killing, Mating Season, New Estate
Nat Grant, Pop Singles, Rose Turtle Ertler, Seth Rees, Steph Brett, The Fuses, The Process, Winternationale.
27th May – Nik's party – Kator
22nd April KOF Gallery – Mr Sterile, Onion Engines, Sohei
1st April Public Bar
4th March The Tote – Jouissance, Nervous, Grand Prismatic
12 February Lambert Street Farewell Party – Pop Singles, Ripples


4th November Hokage (Osaka - Japan)
31st October Socrates - The Flicks (Kyoto - Japan)
29th October Urban Guild - Carrion Comfort, Deathtopia, Kuenji, Geduldig (Kyoto - Japan)
24th October Yukotopia - Mist, Chill, Inisie (Tokyo - Japan)
23rd October Bar Gamuso - Icon Girl Pistol, Matty B and the Black River Band (Tokyo - Japan)
8th October Irene - Luke's Birthday
25th September Birmingham - Dane Certificate, Adam Harding, Pop Singles, The Enclosures, Gary Mangrel, Emporer X
10th September Old Bar - Humans and Luxury Vinyl Launch - Elizabeth Pistol Club, Little Killing, Pop Singles

8th August Percy's Bar - Nervous, Wizard Oz
9th July The Prague - The Kator, Citrus jam, Drop Bunny
3rd July Loophole - Dane Certificate, Pop Singles, The Enclosures, Wizard Oz
28th May Brunswick Arts
23rd April Pony - Sticky Stapler Benefit - Ouch my Face, The Church of Hysteria
3rd April Pete's House - Michael Crafter, Penguins Band
13th February Loophole - Go Genre Everything Eternal Youth Carefree Cleanness Launch Happening - The Welcome Fight, Crabsmasher


20th December Antiverse Art Market
13th December The Tote - Trojan Kettle
5th December Leigh and Elissa's Wedding!
4th November Birmingham Hotel- Elizabeth Pistol Club, Penguins Band, Bunyip Moon
4th October Arthive - Polyfox and the Union of the most Ghosts, Brutal Hate Mosh, Lucia Draft (Newcastle)
2nd October Croatian Wickham Sports Club - Rotted Crow, Catfight, Grannyfist, Michael Crafter, Delorians, Fuck U Saurus (Newcastle) [Go Genre Everything's 222nd show!]
27th September Akemi (Blue Mountains)
24th September Sandringham - Crabsmasher, Sticky Angels, Yellow Fever, Dead Boomers/Absoluten Calfeutrail (Sydney) 
13th September Brunswick Hotel - Drop Bunny, Lan Party
5th September Pony - Alps of NSW, Tantrums, Popolice
18th July Noise Bar - Drop Bunny
24th April Go Genre Everything EP Launch - Disciple of Waste - The Tote -  Sharpie Crows, The Losers, Assassination Collective

21st March Crossroads Cafe (Tas)
20th March Reggie's party  - Moe Grizzly, Ivy Street (Tas)
19th March Brisbane Hotel - Ivy Street, My Black Son (Tas)
7th March Vedette - Ape is Ape, Chiron, Sister Thing
27th February Brunswick Arts
20th February Glitch - Galactagogue, Scissor Lock, Crab Smasher
19th February Noise Bar - Grist, Dead Ants Rainbow, Pig + Machine
14th February Noise Bar
29th January Pony - Penguins, Aoi


16th November Luke's Birthday
14th November Brunswick Arts B-Grade Show
12th November Glitch
21st October Old Bar - Elizabeth Pistol Club
9th October Gangbusters @ Bar 32 - Babyfreeze (Canberra)
8th October Consolador De Dos Caras - Maruosa, Volzoy a.k.a. aaaaa, Numb,n,dub (Sydney)
4th October Hamilton Station Hotel - Castings, Grannyfist, The Thaw, Crux, Crab Smasher, Anal Cum Wolf, Prehistoric Fuckin Morons, Thylacine Death Rattle (Newcastle)
30th September Bar Open Make it up Club - The Unaustralians, Pig + Machine [Go Genre Everything's 200th show!]
21st September Bar Open - Action Unit, Daisy, Bowl of Dick
23rd August The Tote - Bang Bang Aids launch
19th August Northcote Social Club - The Great Apes
8th August Edinburgh Castle - Scratchplate, Front of Van, Special secret band
24th July After Dark Bar Gallery GGE live electronic show - Grist, Cub II
8th July Tote - Undecided by Default, Swedish Magazines
2nd May Forepaw - White Woods
5th April Brisbane Hotel Zombi March After Party All Ages - Mat Niedra, Hobart Voltron (Tas)
2nd April Brisbane Hotel Hobart Fringe Festival Opening - Transcription of Organ Music, The Vivids, Viva Computer (Tas)
28th March Old Bar - Hand Hell, The Losers, New Estate
15th March Footscray warehouse - Mad Party Benefit
22nd February Loophole - Go Genre Everything Subscriber Drive!
9th February  Noise Bar - Benefit concert
10th January Old Bar - Green Green Green, Fievel
6th January Bar Open - The Gruntled, Mark Nelson, Deep Where all Drown, Registered Nurse
4th January Pony 2am show





27th December Bar Open - Zond, Rainbow Brite, Front of Van
27th October Mark's party - Spit
17th October Bar Open - The Losers
4th August Women's Circus Benefit Drill Hall
21st July Forepaw 3CR Benefit
15th July The Tote - Dance Contest
6th July Crossroads Cafe (St Marys - Tasmania)
1st July Huon Valley Environment Centre - Gene Bob Miller, Popolice (Huonville - Tasmania)
29th June Trout - She Rats, Popolice (Hobart - Tasmania)
16th June Forepaw - Losers, Scowlers
2nd June Chris's party
14th April Jen's party
7th April After Dark - Hammering the Cramps, Mo Grizzly
5th April Exile on Smith Street - Hammering the Cramps, Popolice, Mo Grizzly
17th March Exile on Smith Street - Mum Smokes, Flying Scribble, Extreme Wheeze
23rd February Cobra Bar Go Genre Everything EP Launch - Competing Myths of Popular Unconsciousness - Bad Cop Bad Cop, Hand Hell, Popolice
3rd Febuary Kylie's party
27th January Trout - She Rats (Hobart - Tasmania)
26th January Huon Valley Environment Centre - Bad Luck Charms, The Que (Huonville - Tasmania)
25th January Crossroads Cafe (St Helens - Tasmania)
19th January Zoe and Chris's Party
13th January Spanish Club - et al, Major Major, Tik Toc Tokyo
12th January Old Bar - Grots Vegas, The Scowlers
6th January After Dark Bar - Casionova (arvo gig)
4th January Evelyn Cmon Cmon - Kill Boogie, PBR Space Program, You Will Die Alone





31st December Greville Street Party
24th December After Dark Bar - Popolice, Killer Kitty, Pikelet, She Camel of God, Y35.3
22nd December Green Room Losers Album Launch - The Losers, Bakelite Age, The Assassination Collective, Borkum Riff
22nd November Bar Open Cumbersome sampler launch - Popolice, The Adults, Aleks and the Ramps
12th November DIY house gig - Popolice, Alithia, Sundown or/last sunset, Bachelor of Arts, Three Month Sunset
11th November Click Click - Flamingo Crash, Outrun, Muscles
4th November Town Hall Hotel - Bad Cop Bad Cop
3rd November After Dark Bar - Bang Bang Aids!
21st October Old Bar - Guns are for Kids, Hand Hell, Ants [Go Genre Everything's 150th Show!]
18th October Bar Open - The Low Priests, Telemachus Brown
1st October Annie Street Gallery - Popolice, Y35.3, Crabsmasher (Newcastle)
30th September Lass O'gowrie - Castings, Y35.3, Crabsmasher, Popolice (Newcastle - TINA festival)
29th September Yvonne Ruve - Guns are for Kids, Popolice, Y35.3 (Sydney)
17th September Arthouse - Bad Cop Bad Cop, The Losers, Y35.3, The Unaustralians
15th September Barbukka - Young German Team, Clickitts, Scientists of Modern Music
4th September 3PBSfm 'Makeshift Swahili' Live to Air
24th August Pony - Dane Certificate, Little Athletics, Bright Yellow
19th August Kylie's party
10th August Pony - Losers, Scowlers, Salivation Army
14th July Old Bar - Crabsmasher, Y35.3
2nd July The Birmingham - Salivation Army, Talkshow Boy, The Adults, Dane Certificate, The Losers, Borkum Riff, Anonymeye
1st July Empress - Faspeedelay, The Stirlings
14th June Bar Open - Yokel Ono, The Focus
3rd June Rob Roy Irene Benefit - Aleks and the Ramps, Pinky Tuscadero, Dane Certificate, Seth Rees, Popolice, Teengod, Innate Desire, Annabell won't Tell
27th May Dan O'Connell - New Estate, Pink Stainless Tail
20th May Old Bar - Y35.3, Deep Where All Drown
13th May The Arc Cafe - Cherry's Gemstones, Murder Bikes (Dunedin - NZ/A)
12th May Wunderbar - Cherry's Gemstones, Pitstop Nymphos (Christchurch/Lyttleton - NZ/A)
11th May Hot Mamas - Cherry's Gemstones (Motueka - NZ/A)
10th May Interislander Ferry (NZ/A)
9th May Indigo - Cherry's Gemstones (Wellington - NZ/A)
6th May Sohl Bar - Cherry's Gemstones, The Shrugs (Hamilton - NZ/A)
5th May The Kings Arms - Cherry's Gemstones, Teenwolf,
The Biscuits (Auckland - NZ/A)
4th May The Mill Underground Club - Cherry's Gemstones, Go Robot Go (New Plymouth - NZ/A)
3rd May The Old Brass Band Hall - Cherry's Gemstones, City Liquor Ban (Wanganui - NZ/A)
2nd May Mango Music - Cherry's Gemstones (Palmerston North - NZ/A)
29th April Bar Bodega - Cherry's Gemstones, Tapeman, Knife Fight, Cherry (Wellington - NZ/A)
22nd April Tash's Party
1 April Old Bar - Motor Vehicle Sundown, Love Cuts Kill, Space Cadets
22 March Pony - Love the Bomb, Auralees
11 March E2E4 - Amplifier Machine, The Cannanes, The Crayon Fields, Flywheel, Ashtray Boy, New Estate
11 March Cumbersome Records Instore - BadCop BadCop, Castings
10 March Old Bar - Poppolice, the Rational Acadamy
4 March Pop Shop - Spitfire Parade
3 March Public Bar - Pinke Stainless Tail, Popolice
16 Febuary Pony - Aleks and the Ramps, Talkshowboy
3 February Free Festival - Bad Luck Charms, End Show, Knucklehead McSpazzatron (Tasmania)
31 January The Tote - Orichi
21 January Jack's Place - The Losers, Bad Cop Bad Cop, Salivation Army (Ballarat)
18 January The Oven - Love the Bomb, Dead Record Girls, The Auralees, Batrider
14 January - The Empress Benefit for Rob Thaxton - Assassination Collective, Daisy Buchanan, The Nem
13 January The Old Bar - Y35.3, The Adults




8 December The Green Room - The Low Priests, Fibonacci
3 December Cherry Bomb GGE live electronic show
19 November Cobra Bar - Love the Bomb, Party in the Sky
16 November The Spot Oxfam Benefit
10 November Pony 2-piece feast - Hermetic Nemesis, ii, Pig Slash Rhino, Dance Creeps, Bad Cop Bad Cop, Fabulous Diamonds
6 November Milkbar DIY House Gigs Network Cardboard Chateau - Basement Cinema, Archaic Forms, Winterville, Human Six Billion, Seth Rees
15 October Pip's party [Go Genre Everything's 100th Show!]
1 October Ric's - The Narcotics (Bris)
30 September The Jubilee - Kill Boogie, Blonde Cobra, The Devereaux (Bris)
29 September The Orient - The Sips, Ho Squared, Wing Defence (Brisbane)
16 September The Birmingham - Dance Creeps, Honest Engine, Marc Regueiro-Mckelvie
11 September Rob Roy Monash Fine Arts Benefit - Long Walk Home, The Night Terrors
10 September Old Bar - New Estate, Red Ink Spills
8 September Town Hall Hotel - Motor Vehicle Sundown
27 August The Pony - Andy Clockwise, Dead Frenchmen
12 August Old Bar - The Auralees, Motor Vehicle Sundown
5 August Public Bar - Miss Fist
4 August The Tote - Dance Creeps, Tank, She'll be Apples
28 July The Arthouse Barricade Books Benefit - Misspent Youth, The Frantics, Jenny Lee, Ed Burger, Bowl of Dick
23 July The Stage - Drama for Yamaha, Eddy Current Suppression Ring
23 July 3CR 855am 'Girly is Good' prerecord
22 July Pony 3CR Burning Vinyl Benefit - The Adults, Firewitch, On, Twitch of the Death Nerve, Archaic Forms, Amplifier Machine, Hermetic Nemesis, Eddy Current Suppression Ring
14 July Bar Open - Minute Major, Marc Regueiro-McKelvie (New Estate)
7 July Rob Roy - On, Slight of Build
6 July Empress - Suggi Fosso, The Adorable Catastrophe
17 June Barbukka - Rose Turtle Ertler, Casionova
12 June Cumbersome Records Instore
28 May Old Bar - Group Seizure, Tank
30 April Yak Speakeasy - Ryan Ferry, She'll Be Apples
2 April Syrup - The Kicks (Tas)
1 April Polish Club - The Stabs, The Grimm, Rentboy, Elvis Christ, The She Rats (Tas)
26 March Trout - She Rats (Tasmania)
11 March Dan O'Connell - Trickledown
10 March Ding Dong - Sabot, Colditz Glider
27 February DIY house gigs network Footscray
26 February Symone's Party - The Stabs, Reverend Scream, Assassination Collective
12 February The Empress - Croque Monsieur, Casionova, Rose Turtle Ertler
6 February The Pony - Dane Certificate, Marc Regueiro-McKelvie (New Estate)
7 January The Old Bar Album Launch II 'Natural Disaster' Time Travel Show - Rose Turtle Ertler, Epsilon Party, Moonshine & Queen B, Elf Tranzporter
2 January Builders Arms - Marc Regueiro-McKelvie (New Estate), Scott Riley (Lords of Gravity)




11 December 101 - Hermetic Nemesis, Pyramid
9 December Underpass - Bowl of Dick, Pinchu Macha, DePsypher
25 November The Vic Hotel - Minute Major, Leila Adu, Dane Certificate
6 November The Cue - Stonker
4 November Sin-e Cafe
30 October Good Morning Captain - Pig Slash Rhino
17 September Wesley Anne - Pre Teen Braves
11 September Happy Meatwaters Festival - Cortina, Meatbix, Kieran and Jeff (NZ/A)
8 September Bar Bodega - Divine Felony, Thought Creature (NZ/A)
7 September Indigo - Tough Love (NZ/A)
4 September The Pit (New Zealand/Aotearoa)
28 August Vic Hotel Go Genre Everything Album Launch 'Natural Disaster' Dinosaur Show - On, Deep Country, acrobats, dancers, audiovisual excitement and more
7 August Bar 101 3CR 'Burning Vinyl' Benefit - Amplifier Machine, Bowl of Dick
17 July Old Colonial Hotel Indymedia Benefit - Epsilon Party, Casio Nova, Super Sea Sugar
16 July Underpass Badge Launch - Absinthe, The New Estate
8 July Good Morning Captain - Casio Nova
12 June Vic Hotel - Gnitch Gnitch, Casio Nova [Go Genre Everything's 50th Show!]
5 June The Tote FOE Benefit - The Stabs, Swedish Magazines, Sinking Citizenship,Deep Where All Drown, Motor Vehicle Sundown
29 May Pony - Heddys Lament, Aviator Lane, Epsilon Party
14 May Old Colonial State of Emergency Benefit - Epsilon Party, The Young Professionals, Silence Means Everything,Casio Nova, Una munos Quorum, Evi-Ann
7 May Alex Nemesis CD Launch
5 May Builders Arms - The Octoberists, Pig Slash Rhino
1 May Empress - Because of Ghosts, Hermetic Nemesis
25 April Irene Community Arts Centre
23 April Underpass - Deep Country, Pig Slash Rhino
22 April Dream Nightclub - Gates of Dawn
16 April Good Morning Captain - 48 Shades, Boys Against the Youth of the Guilded Cage Demons
5 April PBS 106.7FM 'Makeshift Swahili' Live to Air
1 April The Cue - Boys Against Youth
27 March Victoria Hotel - Keiths Yard (EP Launch), The Bites
11 March Wesley Anne - Hermetic Nemesis
5 Mar Good Morning Captain - On
4 Mar Wesley Anne - Hermetic Nemesis
29 Feb Irene Community Arts Centre
25 Feb Latrobe Uni Food Co-Op
18 Feb The Espy - Epsilon Party, Bohemian Honey
15 Feb Bon Noirs House Party
13 Feb The Waggon and Horses - The She Rats ( Tas)
11 Feb The Venue - The Kicks, Epsilon Party (Tas)
7 Feb Goulburn Arms - The Horror, Elvis Christ (Tas)
6 Feb Zoe School Party (Tasmania)
25 Jan Irene Community Arts Centre - Mugwort, Cat Acrobatics
10 Jan Planet Cafe Go Genre Everything Badge Launch - New Estate, The Breakdowns




19 Dec Irene Community Arts Centre
14 Dec The Pony - Lucie Thorne, E-wah Lady
5 Dec Rob Roy - Pink Stainless Tail, Mimi Bordeaux
27 Nov 3CR 855am 'Burning Vinyl' Pre-record
26 Nov Builders Arms - The Stabs, Archaic Forms
21 Nov Latrobe Uni Food Co-op
15 Nov Underpass - Epsilon Party, Black Pony Express
19 Oct Rob Roy - Panel of Judges, Breaking the Law
16 Oct Good Morning Captain - Hermetic Nemesis
12 Oct The Tote - Bam Bam
2 Oct The Cue - Epsilon Party
10 Sep The Arthouse - Epsilon Party, Red Sun
3 Sep The Tote - Epsilon Party, Droog the Floog
29 Aug Underpass - Epsilon Party, Black Pony Express
21 Aug The Cue - Das Butcher, Seth Rees
27 July The Pony - Pink Stainless Tail, Paul Bourke
6 July The Cue 3CR 'Burning Vinyl' Benefit - On, Tabby and Miffy, Seth Rees, Bowl of Dick, The Stabs, Amplifier Machine
5 July 3CR 855am 'Let Your Freak Flag Fly' Live to Air
2 July The Tote - Kuro Neko, Kuso
21 June Good Morning Captain - Seth Rees, LCD, The Stabs
2 May Bonnie's Birthday
12 Apr Jen's Birthday
4 Apr Railway Hotel Irene Benefit - Jihad Against America, Ground Components etc.