Disciple of Waste
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'Disciple of Waste'

This document outlines the intent of the recording, the method and style, the function, the main outlets of presentation, and the related matters.

The Title 'Disciple of Waste' refers to the CDR-EP released worldwide through the go genre everything recording institution, Munchiegohilarious. Unlike the previous Munchiegohilarious releases, 'Disciple of Waste' was not recorded in one location, as a contiguous single ongoing session.

Instead the recording has been drawn from two different events.
'Disciple of Waste' is the interim release from gogenreevrything for the first half of the year 2009.
It was envisiged as a collection of recorded live material which had become lower in the priority of live performance, thus leading to a tendency of such material not being performed very much at all.

Thus it was determined that it seemed a good idea to make it available to the luxuriating public in a recorded format, as it was predicted that otherwise the particular songs, being;

Slug Singer
Deep Void
Shake It Till You Can't Fake It

Would be performed less and less until they were not performed at all.
And so the CDR-EP 'Disciple of Waste' was envisaged. This perhaps might have been in 2006, after the recording of EYCC. It was therefore thought that it might be a logical progression to develop an EP in a similar vein to the awesome musicality and conceptual beauty of CMOPU

It was determined that the list of songs required certain tools and that some could be easily aquired and that others would require assistance. The difficulty was making the decision as to whom to turn to, with the specific financial constraints current at the time pressing deeply into the spheres of movement and conflicting strongly with the desired vectors of progression. Eventually serendipity came to the rescue as fortune smiled on the brave and persisitent.
Thus, the track, Slug singer was recorded at Munchiegohilarious studios, using an item of borrowed equipment, though, mostly the sound was played into the digital sampling devices directly, being that the only exclusively analogue sounds inthe song, generally speaking are voice and a kick drum beat.
However, being that it is a recording, there is an opportuity to make more subtle and expansive decisions regarding the piece of music, as with current digital technology, there is the chance for  inexpensive ( budget) precision in a very detailed post production enviroment. That is to say that GoGenreEverything decided to add certain sounds and timbre to the track 'Slug Singer' which they could not normally perform live.
These sounds include the mallet hits of a glockenspiel, and the acoustic sound of the electric guitar.

This recording of the song 'Slug Singer' then waited, being remixed from time to time in an attempt to craft more detail out of an already extremely dense sound. It waited till the time that the rest of the EP would be completed. This required a better recording situation than the one available to GoGenreEverything at the time. This was to be supplied by Moz and Casper who have a multitrack recording rig, plenty of interesting microphones and a surfeit of leads and stands. Together with GoGenreEverything recording staff from Munchiegohilarious studios the three tracks, 'Deep Void' 'Shake It Till You Can't Fake It' and 'Surprised' were recorded live in two sections being, instrument and voice.

The Drums and Guitar were recorded in the same area with limited to no separation. The keyboard sounds which are featured on 'Surprised' were recorded in a separated area, with multiple microphones, mixed to the same channel, to simulate a wide spectrum signal response. The actual width of the signal response was not measured, this time.

Then the voice tracks were laid down in a dark isolation booth and the final media was transferred to the computers deep in the underground laboratory where the sounds were decoded into the actual songs which were then transferred onto recordable compact disks and transcoded into vaious formats including ogg-vorbis mp3 and FLACC for archiving and dispersion.
The ogg-vorbis tracks were uploaded to the audio section of the gogenreeverything.org website.
The compact disks were placed within beautiful hand made covers, similar in design to the CMOPU covers, though with different printing, and containing , this time, a photocopied insert, detailing briefly the recording credits and listing the go genre everything web address.

These now comleted CDR-EPs were taken first to Spasmania in January of 2009, where they were released t the public at the brisbane hotel at a live concert. Then in sMelbourne a launch concert was organised at the tote hotel in collingwood.

The launch concert was conceptually based around waste, although there seemed to be some confusion about what exactly was to be wasted. Was it time?  Was it resources? Was it Human Life? Perhaps all three and more.  Waste became the mode with recycled materials  delivered to the tote transforming it into Something Else.
The Event was Videotaped by Al Machin Who also made the exquisite 'Plastic Friends' Stop Motion Animated Videoclip. With the full 'Disciple of Waste The Movie'  video, in production and due to be released to the world in the year 2010.